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Where to go - waterfalls & lakes, stone hills, ancient cities and rock art

The Victoria Falls Shared with Zambia, this is the most famous waterfall on the planet, designated one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and a World Heritage Site. Victoria Falls village is known as 'The Adventure Capital of Africa' and offers many exciting things to do, including bungee jumping and white water rafting. Visit our special page The Victoria Falls.

Hwange Game Park Only a scenic, two-hour drive from Victoria Falls lies Zimbabwe's largest and oldest Game Park - considered to be one of the most important conservation areas in Africa. It has an incredible variety of mammal species, including the Big Five (and the Little Five!) It's savannah, teak and mopane forest habitats are home to 20 000 elephants and 14 000 buffalo and, with over 400 species of birds, it is a bird watcher's paradise.

Mana Pools National Game Park Downstream from the Falls, on the Zambezi - this park is famous for its stately elephant, feeding under giant Acacia trees. It is a World Heritage Site. A canoe trip along the Lower Zambezi is the experience of a lifetime. Visit our Safari Experiences page.

Lake Kariba Situated between Victoria falls and Mana Pools - for many years this was the world's largest man made dam. Beautiful Game Parks, such as the Matusadona, are found on its islands and hilly shores, and excellent lodges. A live-aboard houseboat safari is an experience unique to Kariba. See our Safari Experiences page.

Matopos Hills Near Bulawayo, these hills offer breathtaking granite landscapes, filled with thousands of beautiful ancient rock paintings. They shelter part of the world's dwindling rhino population, many leopards, and the world's largest population of Black Eagles. The area is historically significant for the Ndebele people, and the burial site of British empire builder Cecil John Rhodes.

Great Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe means 'house of stone' and the country takes its name from this impressive, beautiful and mysterious walled city. Built over 700 years ago, it is well preserved, and the largest ancient structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ghona-re-Zhou Game Park Shangaan for the place of the elephant´, this remote and pristine park shelters several endemic species and showcases the stunning Chilojo sandstone cliffs, towering above the Runde River. It now forms part of a giant Transfrontier Park - adjoining the Kruger Park in South Africa - a pioneering experiment to allow free movement of wildlife across man made borders.
What to see - the wonder safaris

From The Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, to the largest elephants in the world at Hwange National Park, and the greatest variety of mammals on show - Zimbabwe is teaming with wondrous wildlife. Specialities include the endangered Painted Hunting Dog, birders can spot the elusive Tahita Falcon.
Where to stay - under canvas or thatch, on the earth or water

Simply Africa offers a selection of beautiful hotels, camps, lodges, and houseboats - all personally chosen by us to ensure they offer a high standard of accommodation, beautiful design, and interesting activities. All offer something different and special. We also offer mobile camps where you can get even closer to the ‘Out of Africa’ feeling - always in comfort and in style.
More to know - seasons, safety and speciality safaris

Seasons Zimbabwe has a fine climate and is popular year round. However, different seasons offer differ opportunities, so it is important to speak to us as we can advise on the best time to go for what you want to see and do.

Safety Zimbabwe is a safe destination, despite bad publicity over recent years due to the political situation, and visitors are returning in droves.

Speciality safaris and private guides We can arrange speciality safaris such as birding, walking, rock art, or fishing, and private safaris, where our guide accompanies you throughout your trip. Contact us to discuss your special interests.