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Recording your safari experiences on camera is very rewarding. Pictures will complement your treasured memories for years to come. Stuart is a keen amateur photographer and took almost all the images on this site. We recommend you follow these guidelines for wildlife photography:

The camera should be small
Lugging large and heavy camera equipment around when you are on a safari is not everyone’s idea of fun - especially when you are walking or canoeing. A small camera is easy to carry and transport in your pocket or hand pack. So we recommend you bring a compact digital camera. A carry strap is a useful addition, keeping your hands free for binoculars - or your sundowner!

The camera should have zoom
For reasons of safety, and to be able to observe a creature's natural behavior, it is not always possible to get really close up to what you are photographing. So a zoom feature of at least 3x is essential. The farther you can photograph the better.

The camera should have a long life battery
You will take many pictures whilst on safari and there is nothing more frustrating than losing power at that vital moment! Rechargeable batteries last longer, cost less in the long run, and are more eco-friendly. We advise guests to keep a fully charged spare with them at all times, and to recharge whenever they have the opportunity. Most lodges, and some safari vehicles, have facilities for recharging your batteries. Sometimes there is a limited supply available for sale. However, you may be in remote locations where purchase or recharge might be difficult, so be prepared.

Charger, adaptor, spare memory cards
Do not forget to bring these along!

Professional Advice
We partner with Matt Anderson of the Viewfinder Center, Winterthur, Switzerland, taking people on photography safaris. You learn in real time and have a fantastic fun on the way. See the Events page for the next scheduled safaris. Others can be arranged to different locations or on alternate dates especially for you.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any further advice on how best to capture your safari on camera.