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Simply Africa
Simply Africa

What to bring back with you from Africa

For a special memento of the countries you will visit we suggest:

African Art
Zimbabwe stone sculpture by artists such as Edward Chiwaridzo, Zachariah Njobo and Shadu Chatsama.
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Paintings by established artists such as Lin Barrie, Barry Lungu and Larry Norton.

Crafts and Curios
Wooden and soapstone carvings, dishes, jewellery, games and musical instruments.
Hand knitted African animals.

Handmade Homeware
Basketware from local materials.
Ceramics - handpainted.
Wirework from retrieved snares.
Aluminium frames and utensils from recycled aluminium.
Furniture from reclaimed Zimbabwe teak.
Hand made paper, inlcuding paper made from elephant poo!
Fabrics - potato printed by hand.
Silver - handmade spoons, bookmarks, keyrings using ancient wax process.

Original Jewellery
Handmade Jewellery from beads and semi precious stones.

Safari Wear
Most camps and hotel shops stock a small selection of basic items, such as shirts, fleeces, hats and socks, but come prepared. Some have branded items, such as caps and T shirts.

1. Do not assume that items you see in a shop are from the country you are seeing them in. We are happy to advise on authenticity and eco-friendliness.

2. We do not recommend items made from wild animal products, such porcupine quills, crocodile and snake skin, or ostrich feathers, as this may entail animals being harmed, killed or bred and kept in captivity. Nor do we recommend the purchase of products made from plant materials from unsustainable sources, such as Baobab bark bags and mats. Also be aware that large wooden carvings maybe made from mature trees that are very old and slow growing and are not replaced. An exception is Zimbabwe Teak furniture made from recycled railway sleepers. Corals and shells are protected in marine reserves.

3. Buy art, such as stone sculpture, from reputable dealers. They will be able to provide an artist's biography and a certificate of authenticity, and use reliable shippers to get your piece to you. They can also verify the stone.