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The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit

Simply Africa supports conservation in Africa and one of our top priorities is to protect the environment and this includes the control of poaching. One of the projects we are actively involved with is the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU). This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and its natural habitat. The well run unit has made a significant difference to this beautiful and fragile environment. Visitors can often see elephant, buffalo and warthog walking in the streets of the Victoria Falls village.

VFAPU (Zimbabwe) tries to ease some of the burdens of human and animal conflict by:
  • protecting the wildlife and habitat from subsistence and commercial poachers;
  • rescuing and rehabilitating animals injured by human interference;
  • finding employment for ex-poachers so that they can have a sustainable income; and
  • educating children through school and community awareness programmes.
Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching UnitVFAPU provides prideful employment to several Game Scouts. It is supported by businesses in the local community.

If you would like to find out more, or contribute, Contact Us or VFAPU directly.

The Friends of Hwange Trust

Hwange National Park is one of Zimbabwe's most valuable resources. Tourism relies heavily on wildlife as its major attraction and revenue earner. Friends of Hwange (FOH) does everything in its power to prevent animal deaths due to lack of water or poaching activities. FOH also assists National Parks in carrying out their duties in terms of deployment of rangers on anti-poaching duties, as well as maintenance of roads and fireguards in the Park. If you would like to help please check