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The most important piece of equipment to take on safari is a good pair of binoculars. They are essential for satisfactory spotting and viewing of wildlife. Even if you are relatively close to your subject, you get to see much more detail with binoculars. We recommend 10x42 or 10x50 - see below for what these numbers mean. When you purchase binoculars consider the following:

Magnification 10x
This is very important. However a magnification that is too strong will make it difficult to keep the image steady, and reduce the field of view somewhat. We therefore recommend a 10x or 8x magnification (the first number).

Objective Lens 42mm
This is the large lens at the front of the binocular. The larger the objective lens, the more light you get, and the brighter and better the image. Stay away from the very small or 8x or 10x20mm binoculars. Whilst these are compact and can be carried easily in a shirt pocket, they are difficult to hold steady, and brightness of image and field of view are reduced considerably. We recommend 42mm or 40mm minimum. This is the second number.

You might accidentally drop your binoculars and they may travel packed in your luggage and be subjected to some bumps and thumps, so get the toughest pair you can.

There is a chance you might get wet. For example, whilst viewing the Victoria Falls there may be significant spray, so waterproof binoculars are best.

Not the cheapest
Look after your eyes and get the most expensive binoculars you can afford. Cheap varieties are often no better than toys.

Size counts! Get medium sized binoculars at least, ie not pocket sized. You need an objective lens of at least 30mm. Lens smaller than 30mm will mean it will be difficult for you to see well in low light, and much of your game viewing will be in the early morning or evening.

Carrying strap
Most binoculars come with a strap, and this is useful as you want your hands free when getting in and out of vehicles, and for holding your sundowner and snacks!

One pair per person
Sharing binoculars does not work well on safari and you may miss a special moment when the person you are sharing with is reluctant to pass them over!

Please feel free to contact us for any further advice on a suitable pair of binoculars take on safari.